Welcome to Going Rogue.

A six-part journey of personal revolution and finding purpose.

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Latest News: Annual Review

I’ve just completed my 20/21 Annual Review. You’ll find the process here.


So, what's this all about?

Going Rogue is a six-step process that anyone can follow to vastly improve their life.

The fundamental nature of these steps means they are widely applicable and practically inescapable.

Those who achieve any meaningful success in any arena invariably employ these steps, though they come under many different (and arguably less enjoyable) names.

Each step builds upon the last, therefore it is recommended they’re explored in order.

(NOTE: Going Rogue is being launched in phases. Each successive step will be launched weekly on Thursdays. To get reminders – subscribe at the bottom of the page.)

Step 1: Unfuck Yourself. Understand your belief system and overcome shitty beliefs about yourself and the world that are holding you back.

Step 2: Figure Shit Out. Consciously create your own value system and figure out what to give a fuck about.

Step 3: Take Control. Overcome habits that fuck you up and build habits that create the life you want.

Step 4: Become Unfuckwithable. Develop a level of emotional resilience Buddha himself would be envious of.

Step 5: Find the Others. Build meaningful connections that rock your fucking world.

Step 6: Change the World. Find your purpose, fulfil your potential and change the fucking world. Yes, really.

COMING SOON: Rogue Stories

I've been kicked in the face by enough horses to know a thing or two about not getting kicked in the face by horses.